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How To Pack A Barrel

1. Sort all goods according to type. This will allow you to get a better idea of the quantity and how you need to pack them.


2. Pack all canned goods and hard cardboard boxes, if any, first. Building a strong base that can withstand goods loaded on top is important. Any rice, sugar, and flour should be wrapped securely in plastic bags and packed on top of the cans.


3. Try to buy products packaged in plastic rather than glass, whenever possible. All bottles should be wrapped with tape and placed in plastic bags before placing in the barrel. Wrap all glass bottles in bubble wrap (at least 2 inches thick).  Soft items such as tissue paper and any other soft, cushioning items should be packed around the bottles to give extra  support. These items will also help maximize the capacity you fill in the barrel. Make sure that all the fragile items are given extra protection.


4.  Clothing should be placed at the top of the barrel.  Perfumed items,

such as bath soaps, should be placed on top, away from dry goods and

food items, such as, flour, rice and sugar.


5.   Write the receiver’s name, address and phone numbers clearly on the barrel.  This should be done both on the top and on the sides of the barrel with permanent marker. 

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