Departure Dates

Packages that will require consolidation must be delivered 2 days prior to departure date.    Shipments take approximately 4 weeks from departure to delivery.

January 18th

February 8th

March 1st (Easter Shipment)

March 22nd

April 19th

May 17th

June 14th

July 12th (Back to School Shipment)

August 9th (September Celebration Shipment)

September 6th

October 31

November 29th (Christmas shipment)

December 16th

Express shipment is

available at significantly

higher rates. Your express

shipping quote will

depend on the type,

size and weight of package

and the transit time that

you choose. The receiver

is responsible for clearing the items at the local customs office in Belize. BCS is solely responsible for shipping the item via air freight.


Please note that this option is available at our Los Angeles office only. 


Express Shipment

            Departure dates from Los Angeles are always honored;  however, sail dates from Miami and Houston Ports are subject to delay due to the logistic courier’s schedule change.  This is not a common occurrence, so do not be alarmed.  Arrival and delivery updates are always posted on our website and Facebook page so you can plan accordingly.