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About Us

Belize Concierge & Shipping (BCS) is a Belizean owned and operated business. We are a full-service freight business that receives goods from all over the world to forward to Belize. We ship appliances, construction supplies, electronics, furniture, and consolidated barrels and boxes.  In addition to transporting items from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Belize, we also provide Belizeans and expatriates from all over the world the luxury of shopping online and receiving their consolidated packages in Belize.  All packages, over 80,000 to date, have been shipped and hand-delivered on time. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars with our efficient consolidation service.  A wide variety of shipping supplies that ensure proper packaging and safe transit of your goods are for sale at our Los Angeles office. Belize Concierge & Shipping has the resources, expertise and dedication to make shopping and shipping from the United States affordable, reliable, and convenient.  

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