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Freight-Forwarding Instructions for Online Orders

1.  Order item(s) online and ship to our office.                                                                                                                           Items should be addressed to:

Your Name

c/o BCS

3959 ½ S Western Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90062


2. Email the following to

a.  Delivery address and phone numbers in Belize;

b.  Purchase invoice showing item description, quantity and price. Click here to see a sample invoice.

3. We will consolidate (if necessary), ship and deliver the package to your address in Belize.  If you do not live on the mainland, we will deliver to the barge depot or the water taxi in Belize City.  You will be responsible for shipping charge from mainland to your location.  Within a week after departure, your billing invoice will be emailed.


4. Charges include shipping fee, customs duty/taxes and consolidation fee (if applicable).  Charges are due the same day the ship is expected to dock at the Belize City Port. Click here for shipping rates.   

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Check our Facebook page and/or website for updates & delivery schedules.  Shipments take 2-3 weeks from departure to delivery.  If there is a change in delivery address, please contact us before delivery starts.

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