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Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Container Load (FCL) allows you to send a full 40ft container of cargo.  Unlike the Less Container Load (LCL), the FCL container of cargo belongs exclusively to one customer. If you are relocating to Belize, developing properties, importing wholesale goods etc., shipping an FCL container will certainly accommodate your shipping needs.  The price of shipping the FCL route will depend on several factors.  In your email request for a quote, please provide us with answers to these three questions so that we can prepare an accurate estimate:


1. What are you shipping?  Please be specific and include value and condition (used, new, fragile, etc.) of items. 



2. Drop off and delivery location:   

a. warehouse to door

b. warehouse to port

  • Our warehouse is in Harbor City, California.

  • With option b, you will be responsible for customs clearance.  In case you need a broker to facilitate the clearing process, we can recommend one for you.

  • Please note, we only ship in containers supplied to us by our ocean courier. 


You may qualify for one of the following duty exemption programs.  Please contact the administering institutions to find out more information. 




Feel free to provide us with any other pertinent information. 

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